The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Rearranging, Day 2

Got started around noon, I had trouble dragging myself out of bed even at ten. Got through the remaining disassembly, cleared the room (mostly), gave it a thorough vacuuming, and started reassembly. I took some pics of the process but my webhost is sitting out in the livingroom (off), so I'll post them another time. Placing of the furniture is 95% complete, I just have one little bit to assemble tomorrow, and then it's time to start getting computers placed and cabled.

I finished with the furniture at about seven and was thinking that there wouldn't be movie night, but I was able to pull it off by digging out a media converter (the link from the livingroom switch into the computer room is optical) and patching directly into the minirouter, instead of having to fire up the big one, and setting the encoder machine to use DHCP so it could get an address from the minirouter.
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