The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Rearranging, Day 4

Part 4 of 55 (I hope not!)

Got the room lights set up again. This apartment only has built-in lights for the dining area, kitchen, and bathroom — anywhere else, you're on your own. So when I took the computer room apart, all the lighting went too, except for one light on my desk. Now, we're almost at the longest day of the year and it stays light fairly late this far north, but this room still needs artificial light except in the middle of the day, and even then it helps, especially with the way I have things arranged now.

So, I can see again. Yay!

Other than that, I undid some of what I did yesterday because I no longer remember why I did that instead of following the original plan. No significant progress to report. Bleah.

Had an odd dream last night, which was apparently set somewhere Wales-ish judging by the language on the signs. There was the regular world, and then there was a slightly different version of the world which was accessible by invisible portals in certain places. It was more magical, but the police station was a modern building, possibly based on a post office I used to go to, with electric lights and all the usual stuff. The point which fascinated me and probably made me remember the dream was that the police force in the other world was mostly composed of people who were also on the local force in the regular world. The two worlds weren't really public knowledge, but a lot of the locals could go between them, and a shared police force made it a lot easier to coordinate investigations of cross-world crimes and criminals. Also, if someone makes a good officer in one world, then they'll probably make a good officer in the other, too. I remember asking the officer running the front desk if she ever got a day off, though...
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