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At this point, I know that grand time plans don't survive contact with air, let alone reality. Nevertheless, I have some kind of hope because this one is just a tweak of what I'm already doing, so it might sorta kinda happen.

Monday: Drive in, so I have the morning to do stuff. Draw in the evening. I really need to establish a regular time to do drawing, especially if I ever hope to get back into doing a webcomic. I don't know that I've improved a whole lot, but I have certainly speeded up quite a bit. As I say, I suck a lot faster now.

Tuesday: Take the bus. Read on the bus, and take a lunch and read during lunch. If I'm going to be launching a review site for old science fiction, I need to generate new reviews frequently. Then the evening is available for whatever needs to be done.

Wednesday: Take the bus and read, as for Tuesday. Can't take a lunch and read because I need to take an earlier bus home in order to have dinner with parents. I get home from that at a bit past nine, and if I really enforce that I'm not doing anything except gaming, I can get maybe an hour and a half in.

Thursday: Drive in, which will help with Wednesday evenings because I have the morning for housekeeping activities (in the NASA sense) like paying bills and other stuff. Anime night in the evening.

Friday: Drive in. Have my usual week-is-over grilled cheese and hot fudge sundae (on chocolate ice cream) at Denny's in the evening, then grocery shopping. (Grocery shopping is much safer if you're full and don't really want to think about food.)

Saturday: Sleep in. My time at home is usually full with getting ready to go out for the day, then leaving to run errands on the way down to a friend's place where I hang out and/or do collaborative projects for the afternoon/evening.

Sunday: Sleep in, then it's project day after I get the catboxes changed.

It's an ambitious schedule, but it makes time for most of the things I should be doing, and sleep, and I'm taking the bus part of the week which cuts down on gas and mileage on the car. If I can mostly stick to it, I'll start making progress.
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