The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Computer Room Pics

My goal today was to get everything that had been spread throughout the rest of the apartment back into the computer room. That didn't happen, but at least I have some pics to post.

At this point the room was mostly empty, and I had just started putting shelving back in.

And the second rank of shelves. This one is lopsided because the leftmost pic wouldn't stitch to the next one. I guess I didn't allow enough overlap.

Here's the first pass at putting stuff on the shelves. The only operational machine is on the left set of shelves, the one in the middle with the big fan and otherwise blank back. Some of the networking stuff up on the bridge is also running. The machine is the web host and there was just enough networking for it to be visible from the outside.

And here's a shot from tonight. This one is a bit wider than the others, being about 180 degrees. There are still some bits and pieces left to do, but almost everything shown is operational. The cable bundle running along the edge of the bridge is about two inches in diameter. The screens are smudged not due to the panorama process but because I realized that I had a somewhat inappropriate wallpaper, oops...

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