The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

It Never Fails

The last time I ordered checks for the publishing business, it ended up being right before I moved. I knew I was going to be moving, but there wasn't much I could do about it because we needed checks and I wasn't going to be moving for a few months yet — too long to wait, and too early to even know what area I was going to end up in.

This time, we got new checks because we're changing banks. (Bank of America has for some time been charging us $11 a month for falling below a minimum balance that I was never able to determine. Now, they let us know they were raising the rates on our checking account, but refused to specify the new charges or new minimum balance. Goodbye, Bank of America! A while back my personal account also mysteriously developed a minimum balance, but that isn't as much trouble — yet.) Now, I'm not moving, but the business mailbox is, because when I went in today for the weekly mail-check, I was informed that the current location, a UPS Store, will be closing next Friday. Gack! Fortunately, they had made arrangements with nearly UPS Stores to honor the contracts, so I was able to go a few miles up the road and get a new box. It's terribly ironic that one of the things I picked up today was the checks for the new bank account — not even out of the box yet and they already had an old address on them!
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