The Gray Bunny (graybunny) wrote,
The Gray Bunny

Theater Review

I have found a rung in the movie theater ecosystem which I didn't know existed. My previous experience with arthouse theaters has been the various locations of the Landmark chain in the Seattle area. Landmark has some first-run theaters here, and a second-run cheapie, and several arthouse locations. Some of those arthouse locations feature theaters which were probably once upstairs storage rooms, but they have been remodelled extensively, and the only major indication that they weren't originally intended for public access is the weird windy stairs you have to go up two floors of to get to them.

Well, the Grand Illusion is a lot smaller than that. The screen is the size of a large TV and the entire theater seats 71 people. In fact, it looks very much like what might happen if I were asked to remodel a dentist's office into a theater — it's a very good Advanced Rodents* project, but still clearly qualifies.

All that said, I had a good time seeing Evangelion 1.0 there tonight, and they're showing a bunch of old SF this month — I wish my movie night friends lived near here so I could take them &mdash and they have some convenient parking, so I'll probably be back. If they keep showing interesting stuff, it might be worth getting a membership, even.

*Constructed by somebody who knows what the result is supposed to look like but is making up the design from scratch, using readily identifiable materials and nonspecialist tools. Originally used to describe an air-conditioner support frame I constructed in the spare bedroom of my apartment using only a couple two by fours, a handsaw, a hammer, and some nails. Have you ever tried to saw a two by four while supporting it on your knees?
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